Artist statement:

I’m a self-taught, independent, versatile artist with whimsical thoughts that reflect my passion and interest towards the art. My artistic dream came to limelight after receiving the 'Emerging Artist Scholarship' from Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts festival 2019. I'm also a recipient of Red Chair PGH scholarship.


My works include, fine art, abstract, mixed media and is not limited to any genre. The paintings I do are bright, vibrant and full of colors. They are also detail-oriented and can be interpreted by anyone who do not necessarily need any knowledge about paintings. Every painting if you look in depth, will narrate a story!

My mom is my great inspiration and I remember doing paintings since age 9. My passion and desire to paint drove me to do more and more paintings. I'm obsessed with colors because the colors that pop out in each painting can change your mood and make your thoughts colorful.

© Priya Arts

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